Dog encounters

Dog encounters

Stress-free dog encounters Encountering other dogs on walks is something that every dog owner is being confronted with immediately and very regularly. But what is the best way to handle these encounters? Interactions with other dogs Unfortunately there are still quite some misunderstandings about this topic. Especially for puppies and young dogs, contacts with conspecifics […]

Muzzle Training for dogs


Muzzle Training for dogs In many situations your dog may need a muzzle, for example on public transport or at the vet. So that your dog does not associate the muzzle negatively, you should get him used to it positively and carefully. It’s best to practice this when your dog is still a puppy – […]

Relocating with a dog


Relocating with a dog I am writing this Blog post because I also recently went through the process of moving from Vienna to Berlin with a dog on my side. So most of the things I will write, are from my personal and immediate experience but I hope there are some helpful tips for some […]

The trend with the wolf hybrids


Wolf hybrids gaining popularity A wolf hybrid by definition is a canine produced by mating a domestic dog (often used are: Shepherd breeds, Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes) with a wolf (Gray wolf, Eastern wolf, Red wolf etc.). Through social media they have gained popularity and the breeders praise these animals as great companions for people […]



Being a dog owner is fun If we are absolutely honest to ourselves, every dog owner has had days / weeks or maybe even months in which absolutely nothing seemed to go as planned. The puppy that was doing so well a couple of days ago, suddenly somehow forgot that it is already house trained. […]